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File Setup
.PDF,EPS .EPS , .TIFF, Illustrator Adobe Illustrator Photoshop& Adobe Photoshop

Please Read First

Convert all text to outlines before saving
Allocate space on layout for pole pockets or banner hem & grommet
Save file at 100 DPI (125 Best) at full size or 400 DPI at a 1/4 size, see the resolution chart below
Create files in CMYK color settings
There may be color problems with files sent as .pdf
Scroll down this page for more information regarding file setup
Please specify the material to be printed on
Please note the finishing options or the stand for which the print is to be used (pole pockets or banner hem & grommet

Hemmed Banners: add 1" bleed to artwork on all four sides. This added sizing must be calculated into your square footage prior to ordering.

Pole Pocket Banners: Pole pocket sizes are 2" to 5" top and bottom. Keep this in mind when creating your artwork. You will not want your live area to fall within pocket as it has a sewn seam. Add twice the pole pocket size to top and bottom of artwork. You add 2 times as much to accommodate the folded pocket. Example: an 80" tall live area with 2" pockets will require your art to be 88" in height, 4" top & 4" bottom. This added sizing must be calculated into your square footage prior to ordering.

Illustrator Provide all placed .eps, .tiff files and embed all imports.
Photoshop Save file as flattened EPS or TIFF in CMYK - Do not increase file size to improve DPI.
Image Resolution

Photos and graphics need to be at least 125 DPI at full size or 500 DPI at a 1/4 size
In Photoshop, you can go to IMAGE -> IMAGE SIZE to find out your file resolution.
Determine Image Quality from Source

Good Quality:
High resolution / high quality stock photography
High resolution / high quality scanner

Low Quality:
Screen capture of video frame
Low resolution / low quality stock photography
Image lifted off a web-page.


When you are done with the design, save the file in EPS format.
If you have extra graphics outside of the finished size area, create a crop area with the exact size of finishing size before saving.

If you need our graphic designers to modify your art work, send us your original Illustrator file(s).
(Graphic modification - $125 per hour. Please call for estimated time.)

You are almost done!

Before you upload the file(s) to us, open the EPS file you just saved.
Review all the graphics/text and make sure the dimension is right.

If you have questions, please let us know.

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